Comp Check Pricing
Based on KBB Price Advisor from
Kelley Blue Book!©

Buying a car can feel overwhelming, that's why we became a price leader by making our prices clear, simple, and different. Now our innovative Comp Check pricing is based on Kelley Blue Book's unbiased Price Adviser. KBB collects and displays actual sales price data from transactions all across the country which we display right on our website. You will always pay less at Dorschel. Car buying just got a whole lot easier! So go with the name you can trust, the Dorschel family of dealerships and comp check pricing by Kelley Blue Book.©
Why did we choose Kelley Blue Book?©

Kelley Blue Book© has an 80 year reputation for providing trusted price quotes on new and used vehicles, as well as providing informative vehicle reviews and customer testimonials. Dorschel's comp check pricing is fully transparent, and Kelley Blue Book© verifies these competitive, clearly marked prices.
    What is KBB's Fair Market Range?

KBB's price advisor compiles sales and pricing data from the marketplace based on make, model, trim level, and vehicle options. They display the fair market range for that particular vehicle. Dorschel uses this information to price our vehicles so that you, the customer, always know you are paying a fair and competitive price.
  How do you come up with your Fair Purchase Price (comp check price)?

We use data from Kelley Blue Book© which factors in data from thousands of sales transactions, supply and demand of the current market, seasonal or regional considerations. In addition to relying on Kelley Blue Book's 85+ years of valuations experience, we employ a full time Inventory Manager who checks local competitor's pricing to make sure that our prices are at or lower than the market.  We also check other third party automotive listing sites such as Edmunds and

 What do the different zones on the KBB Price Advisor mean?

Vehicles fall into three zones: white, green, or red. If your vehicle falls within the GREEN zone, you can be confident it's fairly priced. Under few special circumstances, a vehicle may fall into the WHITE or RED zones, where prices are low or high. Factors that affect this are inventory levels, popularity of color, dealer installed options, seasonality, and basic supply vs. demand.

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